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What makes Cyber Rain a smart controller?
Sprinkler controllers typically water the same amount regardless of the weather, even when it is raining. Cyber Rain is smart because it checks the weather and automatically adjusts watering times.

How much water can I expect to save?
Cyber Rain's users typically reduce their landscape water usage by 30-70% -- your savings will depend on your prior irrigation patterns.

Does Cyber Rain pay for itself?
Yes! Cyber Rain typically pays for itself within 2 years. It also qualifies for many water-efficiency rebates

Does Cyber Rain track how much water has been saved?
Yes, in the Statistics tab, you will find charts and detailed reports on water savings.

What weather information does Cyber Rain use to determine how long to water?
The temperature, the humidity and the percent chance of rain.

Is using the weather forecast sufficient for adjusting watering times?
Yes. Cyber Rain's algorithm has undergone rigorous testing and it is SWAT approved. The weather information is updated throughout the day, so changes are kept current.

Is Internet access required?
Yes, high-speed (dsl/cable/broadband) Internet access is required. A Cyber Rain "Gateway" plugs into an open Ethernet port on a local switch or router and receives weather updates via the Internet.

How do the Cyber Rain controllers receive schedule updates?
Each Cyber-Rain system includes a Gateway that bridges internet connectivity between your controller(s) and the Cyber-Rain server. The Gateway creates a closed wireless network with your controller(s) and transmits schedule updates from the server.

Will the wireless signal go through walls/floors?
Yes, but remember that radio waves can be affected by many things in the surrounding environment such as thick walls, metal objects and radio frequency noise.

How far can the controller be from the Gateway?
Most residential models communicate about 300 feet (approximately the length of a football field). The Long Range products for commercial and residential settings communicate up to 2 miles.

Are Cyber Rain commercial systems able to communicate over 300 feet?
Yes, Cyber Rain provides radios and antenna with various range and communication capabilities. With proper antenna, the 900 MHz long range controller and access point are able to communicate up to two miles.

Is it possible for multiple Cyber Rain installation sites to be managed from a single computer?
Yes, the Cyber Rain with Cloud Technology Cloud allows the user to manage multiple sites from any internet connected computer, although the internet must be accessible from each site.

My neighbor also owns Cyber Rain. Will he be able to access my controller?
Cyber Rain uses a secure binding protocol that ensures Cyber Rain controllers can only be managed by one access point. Once a controller is 'bound' to an access point, a neighbor cannot detect or bind with that controller.
How many zones/stations are available with Cyber Rain?
Cyber Rain is available in 8, 16 and 24 zone models.

What if I have more than one controller or need more than 24 zones?
Additional controllers can be easily added to the Cyber Rain system. A single gateway can manage an unlimited number of controllers, which can be centrally controlled from a computer.

How do I know if I need a long range model or if I need antenna?
In general, residential models communicate up to 300 feet. Long range models with the 900 MHz radio and proper antenna can communicate up to 2 miles.

Is Cyber Rain compatible with rain sensors? Is a rain sensor needed?
Cyber Rain is compatible with all rain sensors that have a dry contact/2-wire interface. The rain sensor overrides the weather forecast information. A rain sensor is not needed, but can provide additional protection from watering when rain is not forecasted.

Is Cyber Rain compatible with flow meters?
Yes, all professional versions of Cyber Rain seamlessly integrates with impeller (e.g., Data Industrial) as well as meter type (e.g., ARAD/Netafim & Bermad) flow sensors. This is a great way to improve system monitoring including alerts for abnormal activity. Note that flow meters must be set up in the software before Cyber Rain recognizes the sensor.

What happens if the power goes out?
Cyber Rain uses a built-in super-capacitor that will retain the controller settings for up to 30 days. This item never needs replacing.

Is the schedule set on the computer or the controller?
You set your schedule at your computer using a web-browser. You have a choice of inputting a schedule for the hottest time of the year or having Cyber Rain recommend an irrigation schedule based on your landscape and local conditions.

How does Cyber Rain recommend irrigation times?
Cyber Rain will use pictures in asking you to describe each zone's plant type, soil, slope, etc. Cyber Rain combines the landscape characteristics with historical weather data for your area to recommend base watering times (irrigation minutes for the hottest time of the year). Cyber Rain then adjusts the irrigation schedule based on the weather.

Can the irrigation schedule be changed from the controller?
No, changes to the irrigation schedule must be made from the computer, although valves may be manually run from the controller and/or smartphone application.

Can I turn on valves manually?
Yes, you can manually run valves from your computer, the controller, and from your smartphone.

Can Cyber Rain be mounted outside?
Yes. All commercial models of Cyber Rain are sold in a weather –proof enclosure. For residential models, a weatherproof, plastic, NEMA 4-rated outdoor box is available on the Cyber Rain website and from most Cyber Rain retailers.

Does Cyber Rain have controller enclosures that are well suited for installations in which vandalism or security is a primary consideration?
Cyber Rain provides a secure stainless steel enclosure that is ideally suited for installation in public locations. The enclosure is designed for installation in parks, schools, apartment buildings, home owners associations, etc.

Does Cyber-Rain still offer a PC-based system?
No, Cyber-Rain's PC-based product line is discontinued. That said, all 2nd Generation controllers (those with blue faceplates) can be upgraded to the Cloud with the addition of a Gateway.

Can my existing controller be upgraded to the Cloud?
Yes, but you will need to purchase a Gateway. Note that only the controllers with a blue faceplate (2nd Generation controllers) are compatible with the Cloud. Contact for further information.

Is there an ongoing fee for the Cloud?
We believe that weather data should be free, so there is no charge for weather updates. You will always receive the water savings benefits of adjusting watering times with changes in the weather.

Is there fee for smartphone applications?
No, the smartphone apps are free.

On what smartphone platforms is Cyber-Rain's app available?
Cyber Rain currently supports applications for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android platforms. Visit our Downloads page to locate links to the apps as well as more information.

Does Cyber-Rain require that your personal computer be on all of the time?
No, you only need a computer (more specifically a web-browser) when configuring your system. The Gateway is in fact a miniature computer that establishes a constant connection between it and the Cyber-Rain server. Furthermore, as a Cloud-enabled product, Cyber-Rain does not install any software on to your computer. Cyber Rain runs in the background, so you won't see it unless you log in to your account at

Why are my sprinklers coming on multiple times?
Cyber Rain automatically 'cycles and soaks' irrigation schedules to avoid run-off. For example, if you have dense soil or a slope, Cyber Rain will irrigation a zone for a short time, let the water soak in as it irrigates other zones, and then continue irrigating the original zones. Cycle and soak parameters can be adjusted, if needed.

Can Cyber Rain be used outside the United States?
Yes. Cyber Rain supports international weather updates, however, please contact sales@Cyber if you're interested in international use as product availability differs from country to country.

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