Cyber Rain is a sprinkler system with a brain. Cyber Rain server check the weather conditions for your location regularly and wirelessly sends updated sprinkling times to your Cyber Rain controller. Installation is as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

1. Replace Exisiting Controllers

Replacing Existing ControllersCyber Rain works with all standard automatic sprinkler systems. Simply remove the existing controller, mount Cyber Rain and plug in the valve wires. No digging required.

2. Wirelessly Communicate

Wireless CommunicationCyber Rain creates its own 2-way wireless network when you plug the Cyber Rain Gateway into your home network. Updated schedules are automatically sent to the controller. A record of irrigation activity is sent back. A single Gateway can manage an unlimited number of Cyber Rain controllers.

3. Customize Your Watering Schedule

Customize Your Watering ScheduleFollow the Cyber Rain Smart Scheduling Wizard to set a water-wise irrigation schedule customized to your landscape. For zones with dense soil or on a slope, Cyber Rain will even water a little, wait and water again to avoid run-off. No more confusing knobs or dials.

4. Cyber Rain Does The Rest!

Cyber Rain Does the RestCyber Rain will use your computer’s internet to check the weather throughout the day and automatically adjust sprinkling times. It runs in the background without any involvement from you. And since Cyber Rain uses the internet, there are NO FEES for weather service.